Thursday, April 23, 2009

Frieda Maria - It's All Dutch To Me

Frieda Maria Rotterdam
Frieda Maria is based in Rotterdam and that's about all I know. I have put some of the copy from their website into Babelfish but it makes no more sense in English than it does in Dutch. Whatever they do it's good according to the fabulous images that are on their site. Take a look and come back to me if you understand it or if you are Dutch. Thanks.

UPDATE: Click into my comments and read LiLi M's comment, it is amazing. Lili M is Dutch and has gone to great lengths to translate the website and it's fascinating stuff. Thanks LiLi.
Frieda Maria Rotterdam
Frieda Maria Rotterdam
Frieda Maria Rotterdam


LiLi M. said...

Sorry, I don't know whether my message came perhaps I post it twice: :$

Hi Di,

Tried to translate some words of frieda maria for you:

Here is who they are (2 dutch girls, you can see their names and photos too on the last page if I remember well, but this is how they introduce themselves.)

design studio friedamaria for concepts, designs and styling of....

. all kind of spaces like shops, meeting rooms, party 'spaces' and shop windows...
. productions for magazines...
. photographie for (amongst others) wall decorations, fashion, homedecoration and advertisement. ...

friedamaria loves

homemade, contradictions, dreams. granny stuff, excentric, white- and powder colours with a dash of fluor, painting, sewing, Doc Martins, steell wire, Goldfrapp, whine, fairy tales, French style, nostalgia, Bjork, Sweden, dresses with these short puffing sleeves, Lee Miller, melancholia, the woods, sponsors that are queing to have us work for them, unfortunate buys, sea air, cartoon heroes, camp, little beauty mistakes, (fake) furs, Talking Heads, Rotterdam (that's the town were they work), the fifties, emails.

friedamaria does not love

perfection, fashionable, arrogant blah blah blah, slick design, blablahblah, beer, Bugatti EB 110,
dresscodes, bold prints like Jackson Pollock's, George Bush, trendy, the book was better (than the movie), botox, rules, stiletto heels, fake, Lara Croft,
overdose of whatever. ..

They have a book too:

Vive la fĂȘte (no word dutch) about how to make a party. Yesterday I was in Rotterdam at Donner's, a large bookstore, where they did a shop window, with all kinds of plastic containers, the ones that your detergent comes in. All filled with one flower. I just bought a new camera, the battery was low, so I couldn't take a photo. But perhaps we could google Donner and Fridamaria.

If you want to know anything else, please let me know, have a nice day, LiLi

Ulla said...

Very fun, and great to have such wonderful translations at your fingertips!

Freshly Found said...

I also enjoyed wondering around this intriguing sight!

D'Rimba said...

So perfect here.......

Anzu said...

I would love to get hold of their party book! Just planning an event myself and it would be ideal. Absolutely love the tea and knitting needle one.

paris parfait said...

Lovely things - and thank you, Lili for the translation! The flowers Lili saw sound terrific, as well.

babelfish said...

So wonderful when you can get a native to translate, love the descriptions.