Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Story Of My Plaster Stencils

print room stencil the stencil library
On Sunday my friend Helen Morris, she of The Stencil Library, came to the cottage for the day. I mean, how cool is it to have a friend who has her face on on a wall decoration? She was a model, can you tell?
plaster stencil
Anyway a while back, she taught me how to do a plaster stencil and I bought the special stencil from her.
plaster stencil
I did said stenciling but couldn't show it off here because my camera wouldn't show the 3D effect properly. I blame the camera not myself, it's easier.
plaster stencil
Helen arrived, whipped out her camera and went around snapping away and caught the effect brilliantly.
plaster stencil
She even managed to photograph the section above my oven
plaster stencil
that I couldn't manage due to the fact that my camera (not me) kept catching reflections from the matt varnish I had applied to stop cooking splashes.
plaster stencil
What I am trying to say is - it's bloody hard to have a beautiful, tall, artistic, well spoken friend who comes along and in minutes can do what I have tried for months to do and to top it all she makes the best cappuccino ever.


Anonymous said...

I have not seen plaster stencils before. They are wonderful looking. This is something I know I would love trying.

a fanciful twist said...

I love it!! I used to have a client in my old job, that was about 83, and did plaster decor on her walls, with flowers and such... it reminds me a bit of this, and mezmerizes me everytime I see it... I bet you can't stop looking at it? Fantastic!! xoxo

Gillian said...

Never have I seen anything like this. How cool. I just love it!

the paris apartment said...

The first pic is so pretty and unique! What a pair you must make!

Noel Solomon said...

Di I love this plaster stuff.. It looks amazing and I bet it's to die for in person. You have inspired me...

xo - Noel

paris parfait said...

It's gorgeous! And I'm thrilled to see those 1940s "appliques" electrified and looking so beautiful in your cottage!

babelfish said...

Ahh, the answer to the leaves on wall question earlier, that's gorgeous, lucky you!