Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rough Luxe Hotel

rough luxe hotel london
Rough Luxe have come up with a totally new concept in hotels. This hotel in London has that gorgeous dilapidated but luxurious feel. Beautiful furnishings in a totally shabby but grand interior. So me I think.
Designed by Rabih Hage
rough luxe hotel london
rough luxe hotel london
rough luxe hotel london
rough luxe hotel london


custardbydesign said...

ah wow...
number 1 - i had this exact hotel lined up for a posting myself
number 2 - what a great blog....great posts!

jealous you beat me to it....

Jan said...

Love this post Di but not sure I can cope the concept.
My bathroom ceiling is in a similar state, but not in a good way like these.

parisbreakfast said...

Only the Brits could get away with this!
Lord love em!

Dallas Shaw said...



Sunflower said...

I have been visiting your blog a lot lately and realized I should visit every day! You share such wonderful things!! Beautiful!

cityfarmer said...

love love love the grunge look