Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Not Mass Produced

Forest Garland not mass produced
Forest Garland

I did a Google search the other day on Not Mass Produced and up came a site of that name and they have some gorgeous pieces which of course are not mass produced.
Glasses Necklace not mass produced
Glasses Necklace
Ceramic pendant not mass produced
Ceramic Pendant
little black dress fairy not mass produced
Little Black Dress Fairy


lindsey said...

the ceramic pendant is so sweet

babelfish said...

I LOVE this last piece at the bottom.

Rachel Llewellyn said...

Hi there, Thanks for posting a pic of my work (glasses necklace). It's lovely to know there's ppl out there appreciating handcrafted work!

I have recently created my new website if u would like to take a peek.? It is

Rachel :o)