Monday, March 16, 2009

Me and The Great Big Mug Hunt

Kaffe Fasssett for Burleigh
This is a tale that could bring tears to your eyes then make you smile as it has a happy ending. You see our dinnerware is Burleigh Blue Calico (the mug at the top of the picture) and I love it. I have granite worktops in the cottage so keeping crockery is difficult to say the least. I now only have 4 coffee mugs left and have just discovered that the long slim ones like mine are discontinued, they now only make that 1/2 pint squat one at the top.
Happy part- I was looking on the Burleigh website and spotted these, the bottom six in the picture were designed by Kaffe Fasssett for Burleigh. A very smart substitute methinks!


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I wonder if they have some of the slimmers ones in Ralph Lauren left? They were stocking Burleigh too. I have the massive pint mugs in black and white and I love them.