Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bloom and Green - Blooming Marvellous

bloom and green
A gorgeous brochure dropped through my letter box the other day from Bloom and Green. Tiffany Green used to be a designer/stylist which explains the beauty of these products. Now this is artificial flowers etc with knobs on. The top image shows flowers made from hemp that are magnetic and can be stuck on radiators, cushions or whatever takes your fancy. They can then be sprinkled with scents also supplied by Bloom and Green.
bloom and green
A gorgeous hemp cushion.
bloom and green
A mix of silk tulips and fresh rosemary. I love this idea of mixing fresh with fake.
bloom and green
They even do hemp bedding.
bloom and green
You can even buy single stem flowers. These are the best fake flowers I have seen and you would be mad not to visit their site. Go on!


Helen-LG said...

That is a remarkably realistic rose! Very impressive!

Ulla said...

These are gorgeous, Now to see if they ship to the US...

Julie at BV said...

Love the second picture. So simple and elegant.

Anonymous said...

I can't stress enough how bad this company are. The flowers are admittedly lovely but the customer service is absolutely atrocious. Should anything go wrong with your order they simply ignore you. I am having to try and get my money back for a wrong order through my visa company - stress I don't need!