Monday, December 01, 2008

Want To Be a Hermit?

hermit's cabin by aversund sweden
Do you ever feel like just getting away on your own? Well you can have this Hermit's Cabin made just for you at Arvesund in Sweden. I could have done with one of these whilst the builders were crawling all over my cottage. I will let Arvesund explain all:
The cabin comes on two sizes and is in its original design covered inside and out with wood from old North Sweden barns. The equipment, interial design and atmosphere communicate our historical origin and what true life, which lies deep within us, is really about. The Hermit's Cabin recycles not only materials but also history and emotions.
OK it doesn't really make much sense but their English is better than my Swedish.
hermit's cabin by aversund sweden


The Mysterious O. said...

I love these pictures!

cityfarmer said...

Do you rent by the I bring my own sheets?

Sea Angels said...

Hi Di I want one too but mine will be ok in Sweden or Norway or Denmark..I'm not the way...what are you like !!! the painting is of a 1940's babys utility knitted jacket!!! Duh I think I must improve my painting technique ha ha.
Hugs Lynn
Ps gosh its cold!