Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Corset Books - And Why Not?

corset books by Tamar Stone
Tamar Stone makes books out of vintage corsets. You MUST go and visit this site as her work is truly amazing. Go on, go on don't hang about here.
corset books by Tamar Stone
corset books by Tamar Stone
corset books by Tamar Stone


Helen-LG said...

Gorgeous and so unusual! I love the pairing of content with the design and the idea of creating a more sensual, intimate reading experience!

I'd love one of these with blank pages to use as a diary - being able to bind up all my personal thoughts would be kind of reassuring!

paris parfait said...

Very clever. Much better than wearing one! xo said...

Oh My gooooodness!! I love them!! I would loove to have one, must go look into it more ;) ;) xoxo

Mélanie said...

Lovely and so sexy

parisbreakfast said...

Definitely NOT!!!!