Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How Long Does Your Blog Take To Download

stopwatch for your blog
These days we all want everything to happen NOW. When visiting blogs I find that some of them take an age to download and I get tired of waiting and leave as do many others. This is for any number of reasons one being images that are to big. We all have our own blogs in a cache so we get to see everything in double quick time.
If you want to see how long your blog takes to download for others then got and use this clever Stopwatch and remember to press shift and hit the refresh button so you don't get the cached version. Mine takes just under 11 seconds to fully load.


Jan said...

Crikey ! mine takes nearly twice as long.
Steps will have to be taken :)
Thanks for the link
p.s. my verification word is - outbums :)
giggling schoolboys spring to mind!

Susie White said...

Thanks Di, this is brilliant! I've been able to reassure myself that both my blog and the website are very quick to download. You do find some amazing things to tell us all.
PS If you follow this link to the Autumnwatch website, you'll find an amazing stone I picked up at Allen Banks - - Susie

rochambeau said...

Must check this now. I fear mine is taking too long. ;-(...........


Bethany said...

Thank you so much for this info...I got 15 plus seconds which I'm relieved to see...not too bad I guess :)

stencil helen said...

Ten seconds yaaay. Is it a competition??? Love the recent posts Di, lots of scrummy stuff. I enjoyed seeing your blog too Susie White, had been meaning to visit in ages.

babelfish said...

This is useful to know, thank you!