Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Into a Paul Massey Photograph

photography by paul massey
I could happily fall into any one of these gorgeous photographs by Paul Massey not only because they look so tempting but I don't feel at all well at the moment and am still surrounded by builders and now the decorators so it would be good to escape for a while without any effort.
Anyone got a remedy for total fatigue? I can't stop going to sleep and feel like a rag that has been wrung out. I take very badly to being poorly as I rarely am.
photography by paul massey
photography by paul massey
photography by paul massey
photography by paul massey


Ulla said...


lisa said...

sweet photos!!!
xoxo from las vegas

Jan said...

wish you better
p.s. teacup - I agree
what architectural inspiration?

stencil helen said...

Get better soon. Sabina and I may be up your way this weekend to see the Northumberland Lights at Kielder. Well enough to come with us?

Mary Jo said...

These are beautiful photos. Hope you feel better soon! I have been in a similar state for the past week and recommend complete mindless indulgence for a few days if possible. Stay in, take a long hot bath, sit by the fire, have your favorite meals. Hope you can find a little bit of time to this!

paris parfait said...

Lovely photos. Hope you are feeling much better by now! I know it's been a long exhausting process dealing with the build. The good thing is it's almost finished and soon you'll be left in peace and quiet in your beautiful, expanded space! xoxox

Teapot said...

Oh how I would love to own just one of these rooms!

Mélanie said...

sweet photos ! I love them ! He knows how to catch an ambiance

Bridget said...

Beautiful photos.Inspiring!

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

I'd like to move into one of these rooms!! Gorgeous!