Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Me and The Alpacas

I have mentioned my friends the Alpacas before but yesterday I actually met them. I was invited by their lovely owner Jonathan Russell, who owns Northumbrian Alpacas, to his farm on the other side of the valley. Come on with me.
Northumbrian Alpacas
The alpacas didn't show much interest as I pulled up in the car.
Northumbrian Alpacas
Then this one must have heard the click of the camera.
Northumbrian Alpacas
Yes that's my cottage over the other side of the valley
Northumbrian Alpacas
Meet Archie he was born in May this year and is SO cute.
Northumbrian Alpacas
Now I only usually see these animals from the other side of a tall dry stone wall but when Jonathan let them out I had to warn him that I was just a distant admirer.
Northumbrian Alpacas
Truth be told I am frightened of animals even alpacas.
Northumbrian Alpacas
Then even more came out and I was at the other side of a very open gate.
Northumbrian Alpacas
Look at those little babies. If I had dared to walk through this lot I think I would have actually stroked them.

Once they had all run off into the field we had coffee I had to restrain myself from falling into this gorgeous soft fleece. It felt like cream as did the yarn. Guess what, I bought some for Ghost Furniture to make into knitted chair covers. Now I know I only use discarded pieces but this belonged to an alpaca once so I think it counts.
If you want some you can contact Jonathan Russell of Northumbrian Alpacas 00 44 1434 240597 and he will send some as he delivers worldwide. You then could have a bit of what I have.


rochambeau said...

Thank you for sharing these photos of your sweet neighbor Alpacas Di!!

Even I have a little toy one that moved with us. Unlike you, I am not afraid. I just love them!!!! And there wool too!!!!

Hope all is well.
This day in your Northumbland was a stunning day. Here the rain in tapping down gently.
Hope all is well.

PetraO said...

They are absolutely wonderful - do you know if the alpacawool also can be felted?

Anonymous said...

Hi PetraO via Di's blog (and hello Di - sorry I didn't see you when you visited)!

Just to say that alpaca fleece makes gorgeous felt - it's on my list of winter projects!

Judith Russell, Northumbrian Alpacas