Friday, October 31, 2008

Land of the Tea and Home of The Wimps

We don't really celebrate Halloween here in the UK. If you are over the age of 12 you could be forgiven for not even knowing it was happening. The big stores have some Halloween stuff but no one decorates their house unless they are having a party but

if I did I think I would go for this sort of thing.

This would be my preferred mode of dress. I don't want to be a witch, we used to burn them you know?

A game of chess with this stylish Pumpkin Chess Set by Yayoi Kusama. No spooky games for me thank you.

Finish the night with a relaxing hot bath and maybe dry myself off with this Spooky Bath Towel from ATYPYK in Paris. On second thoughts it's a little too spooky.


Mélanie said...

I love these little pumpkin lights

stencil helen said...

Wonderful pumpkins dahling, I posted some stencilled ones on mine. I could be tempted into the prettier aspects of Halloween.

Helen-LG said...

haha, that towel is fantastic - I didn't realise what it was immediately! Love daft ideas like that (huge price for it though!)

Pumpkin Chess Set is gorgeous too, if I could play chess I might seriously consider it!

Where are the lamps from, also lovely. You have such a good eye Di, where do you find all this pretty things?!

Fanciful Alice said...

I am loving that pumpkin chess set!! oooo, now I feel I must go on the hunt for some pumpkin lovelies. Here in rural Spain we haven't seen much indication that it's halloween, so thank you for reminding me :-) although now I'm longing for cold wintery English nights, roasted chestnuts and pumpkin lights!

Teapot said...

I love those pumpkins, are those carved??

Roberta said...

What a lovely blog you have---so many wonderful things to discover. I could stay all day.

Gillian said...

A stylish pumpkin chess set. Now that is you!

Sea Angels said...

Hello Di
that towel could come in useful for bad hairdo days, or for when the guy comes to read the meter, yes I can do spooky.
Have a fabulous week
Hugs Lynn

babelfish said...

The pumpkin lights are a subtle and chic way to celebrate Halloween? beautiful! I was just admiring the pumpkin chess set the other day :)