Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How To Give Your Hair Body

wild hair
A not so easy lesson on how to give body to your hair:
1. Buy a 300-400 year old cottage
2. Have an extension built
3. Knock down the adjoining wall (it will be full of stuff you have never seen before)
4. Knock down various walls and pull up old floorboards
5. Take out a spiral staircase that has been embedded 2 feet down in concrete (use a road digger to get it out)
6. Have all the new walls plastered
7. Stay in the cottage whilst all this work is being carried out
There you now have hair with body - or is it just full of dust and crap?


corine said...

You made me laugh.

This is how my hair looks on a permanent basis, what does that tell you about my life?

- Suzie - said...

ha ha ha !
This is a good one!
(I wish my hair would look like this after all, it is too thin!)
So, you are done?!

Anjelina said...

Great design. I loved it! thanks.

babelfish said...

If you can experience all that and still look as good, well done!