Thursday, October 02, 2008

A Gucci Cushion? - Well Sort Of

Suzan Fellman Gucci cushion
Isn't this fabulous? A cushion made from an old Gucci scarf. More to see at Suzan Fellman's site.


Mélanie said...

I may use my hermes's ones !!! I think mine look old fashionned as scarf but will look great as cushions

ParisBreakfasts said...

Now that is a GREAT idea
who wear's designer scarfs anymore?
But sitting on them!

Barbara said...

Fabulous idea. I don't think I could do it to my Hermes but I have some others I think could look rather nice.

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Thanks for the tip! I spent a lot of time on Susan Fellman's site yesterday. I'm crazy about the chairs too. I wish there were listed prices. I'm sure they are pretty high, but gorgeous items!