Friday, October 17, 2008

Gorgeous Wood West's of East Dean

West's of East Dean breadboards
I could happily wander around West's of East Dean's website for the rest of the day. Trouble is I love to touch wood like this and of course this is not at all possible on a computer.
Go and see some truly tactile pieces here.
West's of East Dean furniture
West's of East Dean garden tools


paris parfait said...

Lovely pieces - so tempting. I have cleaned out my closet and even have room for that dress form now - which is a good thing, as I bought two more in Antwerp! :) xoxox

rochambeau said...

Hey Di,
Dean's a Master!!
Thank you for sharing. When I come to your blog, I'm always reminded of how much creativity, and artistry exists in our world!

Thank you!


babelfish said...

Love natural wood pieces.