Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beauty and The Beast

robert poldori New Orleans
New Orleans
Robert Polidori is a photographer who seems to be able to find beauty in disasters. I am fascinated by these images and the contrast. He has some amazing pictures of Versailles along with some of Chernobyl and New Orleans after their historic disasters.
Take a look and be as amazed as I was.
robert poldori versailles
robert poldori chernobyl


paris parfait said...

Yes, excellent photography - the beauty and the destruction of same (and isn't there always some beauty in destruction - sad, but true)?

VisuaLingual said...

Wow, how haunting... I feel as though I shouldn't find these beautiful, but I do...

casart1 said...

I have really enjoyed perusing your blog and was struck when I came upon these photos. With New Orleans as my hometown, I can relate to the beauty in destruction but it brings back some sad memories. Robert Polidori has captured the timeless cycle of life and death. Fortunately, New Orleans has been reborn out of this despair. Designers Block is on my blogroll@ www.ashley-spencer.com/ArtIsEverywhere/

rochambeau said...

You are a magnet for the most interesting stuff! You've got the eye!
Tomorrow, I'm going to really look at Robert Polodori's site of photos!!!