Thursday, September 04, 2008

Paris My Way

I feel more at home in the Marais, when in Paris, than anywhere else. After visiting Galerie Lafayette yesterday, to buy some boots, we exited the shop to utter chaos. It was heaving with people and traffic so off we went to The Marais.
That fabulous monument at The Bastille looks stunning in any light.
The tempting winding streets of this medieval area are full of little secrets.
A bike shop with its door handles made from handle bars.
Why not have a vintage bike in your restaurant window?
How's that for a logo?
A clock/cushion. I saved a fortune because this shop was shut.
Shoes and a bag decorated with rick rack.
Hooray for shopkeepers that never change their style.
Shops that let their art spill over onto the pavement.
A hairdressers with its own bar.
Curious name for a hairdresser but what fabulous flower arrangements in his window.
A holocaust memorial in the Jewish district.

Time to stop for food and drink. We often eat at this Jewish restaurant - Chez Marianne. I couldn't tell you what it is we eat but it's delicious. That's Marianne, when she was younger I may add.


Country French Antiques said...

Love that pillow!
Wish my hairdresser had a bar, it would make those 2 hours I spend there pass a bit quicker :)

Shabby Chic Furniture said...

I just love the Marias. I'll look out for the restaurant, I've not tried that one. Seriously though, I need those grey shoes, the ones with the stars. Wonder if they'll still have them in November.

babelfish said...

Thank you for sharing the details through your eyes, you always do the best tours!(love the clock cushion)

ParisBreakfasts said...

I always get the sauteed chicken livers at Chez Marianne
I love those rickrack shoes where was that one?
And what happened to Repetto?
Oh too delicious..all this!

Sea Angels said...

I just love all of your posts, but these one's from Paris are amazing....I can only assume you were completley exhausted after that visit...but gosh it looks like it was worth it. Thanks so much... I can't ever afford to go to these lovely places, but it feels so nice to see it through your beautiful photos, fantastic
Hugs Lynn xx