Friday, September 26, 2008

My Picks From 100% Design London

Not the best ever 100% Design but these are some designs and designers worthy of a mention.
Have a Happy Weekend
100% design london
A plug to remind you to save energy by Mimuun

100% design london
Telephone Box Wallpaper by Lizzie Allen
100% design london
The Clamp Lamp by James Plant Design
100% design london
Boat Shaped Sink by Marike
100% design london
Leather Wall Panel by Genevieve Bennett
100% design london
Angel Screen by Within 4 Walls
Worth a closer look, just click on the image
100% design london
Serving Dishes by Kiki Ceramics


nicolette said...

i love your blog...i actually sat down and went through all of it over the period of a week. so much good stuff.

ParisBreakfasts said...

100% witty!
so Brit

CHICHI & LUXE said...

love the telephone box wallpaper! gorgeous...

babelfish said...

Gorgeous, I'm drawn to the leather wall panel and Kiki ceramics!