Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Multi Talented Francesca Signori

Francesca Signori
There's times when I visit a designers website that I am breathless by the time I leave it. Francesca Signori is some designer. Her wallpapers are heart stoppingly beautiful, her ceramics are not only innovative but stunning and she even makes decorative cakes.
You must go and see her work, I insist. This is what she says about herself, if this doesn't tempt you then nothing will:
I am restless in my relentless search for curious ideas that let you perceive objects from different perspectives; I like to create ironic things like tables and things made from sugar; flexible, bendy items such as the chest-of-drawers made from fabric that can be dismantled and stowed away in a suitcase and companionship objects like the inflatable chair seat that’s also an illustrated book.
Francesca Signori
Francesca Signori
Francesca Signori
Francesca Signori


A Fanciful Twist said...

Miss Di, your stunning blog is always filled with so much beauty, all I have to do is come here for an incredible dose of inspiration!!!

You are right, these wallpapers are heart stoppingly beautiful indeed!!


The Paris Apartment said...

Oh God stop that right now! Oh no, wait, don't ever stop! You sure can find em Di!!!!!

Commercial Lighting said...

Francesca Signori wall paper is breath taking.Jill

paris parfait said...

Oh I love it when you find fantastic places like this for us to explore! xo

francesca signori said...

It's really fantastic!
Thank you so much for this post abut my work.
I'm so flattered!

Mant many many thanks
Francesca signori

Mélanie said...

Thank you for letting me know her ! What a fantastic work and source of inspiration

Sea Angels said...

I can't wait to visit this imaginative designer, but thanks so much to you Di you really do come up with the winners.
Hugs Lynn

babelfish said...

Her profile is enough to intrigue, must go visit!

karina said...

Her designs are incredible!