Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paris Street Chic

style and the city paris
One of my favourite pastimes when in Paris is to people watch. Style and the City is a great site to do just that from your armchair. Look at these people - age is no barrier to chic in Paris.
style and the city paris

style and the city paris


la la Lovely said...

This looks a good way to get a little Paris fix.. thanks!

rochambeau said...

OMG the second lady!! I want to kiss her she is so put together & beautiful!!
Thank you Di. This post reminds me:
I'm sure you already know
the Sartorialist,but if not....... here's the link now!!!

How did Georgia do????


JuliaFuentez said...

oh so chic

Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy said...

Another fabulous site! The French know how to live! Such beautiful people! Thanks for sharing!

Queenie said...

Oh how i wish I dare stop fighting the white hair advance, that lady is proof that white hair can look very chic..

Inspired Tokens said...

Wonderful inspiration ...I love the the third photo. I wish I could dress like that ...or even just look like that. Thanks for sharing such beautiful images.

Country French Antiques said...

Now I'm off to Paris!
Looks like a great site!

Country French Antiques said...

Just paid Style in the City a visit.
OMG!! You are really making it difficult for me to get any work done!! I really hope my girl at the shop can sell something today sans moi!!

babelfish said...

Love street style, wish I was brave enough to take pictures like these.


Hi Vanessa

it's kamel from Style and the City.
it's 3.20 am here in Paris but i couldn't go to sleep before thankig you for your sweet comments.
it's for generouse personns like you that i keep the faith to humanize fashion, to show that real life is more beautiful than in magazine and real women more beautiful than anorexic models.
let's keep in touch.
ps : i just added some new pics that i hope you'll like again.

cheers from Paris