Friday, August 29, 2008

I Will Have My Paris Head On - Next Week

We are taking Charlotte, our youngest daughter, back to Paris, on Sunday, by car. She has spent the last 2 weeks over here in the UK catching up with all her friends and siblings.
We will be using the Eurotunnel and will be sharing the driving.

The best bit is when I see this tower in Charlotte's town. I will have ARRIVED!
I will try to turn myself into a chic Parisian lady.
I will feel better when ordering coffee because they always give you a drink of water with it.
I will be visiting the lovely Tara (Paris Parfait)
and we will be spending a whole day talking, drinking, eating, shopping and anything else that 2 like minded women can do in Paris. I shall gargle the night before to ensure my vocal chords are in good shape.
We may not always sit outside the cafes, we may sit inside and admire the ceilings

I will be spending a whole day wandering around Paris just going with the flow, the very best way to discover new things. I will alight the Metro at The Louvre, may as well start the day in style.
I will, I will, I will find Repetto this time and will BUY something.
I will sit in Place de Voges
and I will write about my visit on some beautiful paper that I will have purchased somewhere in that amazing city.
I will return on Friday 5th and put together my posts for this blog on - My Visit to Paris.
May you all have a week as lovely as mine will be.


LindaH said...

Sigh, I'm so envious! I won't be there till October. Those note books look wonderful. I have to have one, maybe two, all of them?
I'd settle for my favourite slightly down at heel but still very stylish hotel room. It has a pretty shabby chic table and chairs where I love to sip a glass of Ricard before dinner and watch the Parisians just going about their business.

Linda Merrill said...

Say hello to my city! Can't wait for your post!

Freshly Found said...

Oh how wonderful!!!!!!!
Look forward to report back!

corine said...

You're in Paris way too often for me not to be jealous.

Ilva said...

Enjoy yourself, I wish I could tail along too!

Pethra på Design och Inredningsbloggen said...

Beautiful paper! I think you will be lovely as a Parisian chic lady. :-) Nice to see pics of your daughter singing, I bet you were proud!

stencil helen said...

Bon voyage, enjoy Repetto. I'll think of you. Last time I was in the Place des Vosges you and Harvey were with me.

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Have a fab time Di, and I love the paris on your head bit;-)

paris parfait said...

Can't wait to see you! A card featuring that photograph of two women at an outdoor cafe was recently given to me by a friend, after visiting in Paris. And the hat on the left? In San Francisco I bought a hat from Italy that looks very very similar. If only I had the rest of the outfit! :) xoxox

ParisBreakfasts said...

Take me!
Take me!
What ceiling is that do tell?
Oh can I wait until Oct 28 :(
Have a ball!

babelfish said...

So many wonderful things to look forward to, can't wait for the review.

Ulla said...

Sounds like my kind of visit! Have a wonderful time and ENJOY!!!

nadejda said...

i'll be there too

rochambeau said...

Thinking about you and Tara together makes me happy too!! I love blogland! Cant wait to read your account and see photos.
Bon Vogage ami.
Keep you hat tied on straight or don't!


I remember when you went last year and it was kind of rainy. You both had your cashmere Hermes scarves.

Mélanie said...

Too bad I will get to Paris on Friday so we won't have a chance to meet BUT may be another time

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hope you have a FAB time in Paris..the tower looks really sweet!!

Just want to mention..saw your blog mentioned in the Easyliving magazine..Octobers issue...back was strange to think, this time I knew exactly they were talking about :-)