Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spiralling Out of Control

ti walker photographer
Tim Walker

Our cottage extension is moving so fast I am dizzy. Below is a picture of our existing staircase - people after more than 2 glasses of wine have peed in the garden rather than risk climbing those stairs.
We have taken the mammoth decision to replace this little narrow thing with a much wider one in the new extension. My plan is to stand on it with a long dress on and be pictured like the lady in the top picture. My stairs will only wind once as the ceiling is so low in a cottage so maybe I will just have to wear a mini dress.
cottage in northumberland
Di Overton


stacy said...

spiral staircases are beautiful. And Tim Walker put it to good use in that photo.

ParisBreakfasts said...

I LOVE him
He is FAB..have you seen is new show?
Tres Charmant stairway...wouldn't it be easier to put in an outside loo?

rochambeau said...

Can't wait to see YOUR photo! Think Tim Walker can come do the shoot?
I can make your frock!! It will take one hundred yards of the finest pale blue chiffon!



paris parfait said...

Definitely need high ceilings for that one! I'm sure your new spiral staircase will be a beauty, like its owner. See you in August! xo

Queenie said...

Oh yes, definitely a mini Di.