Friday, July 18, 2008

Rugs and Necklaces

Natalia Pepe
I thought my Ghost Furniture was diverse but this designer has out shone me in that department. Natalia Pepe makes rugs and jewelry - how diverse is that?
The rug idea is so simple as are most great designs, think of the colour palettes you could use.
Natalia Pepe
Natalia Pepe
Natalia Pepe


Dizzy said...

The rugs are great! love the textures.

Pethra said...

Ha, yes that was quite an unusual combination!

lilibee said...

love your blog!!Always fnd inspiration here!!

Laura B said...

Just found you through a fanciful twist, and what a stack of lovliness! I love Natalia's work, what an exciting way to use her skills.

Anna's Jewels said...

what a fantastic combination! diversity is the key!