Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July

dom perignon pink champagne
OK so you won the War of Independence and we didn't but no hard feelings. Being an English Rose and having a penchant for Dom Perignon Pink Champagne, I will spend today celebrating on your behalf.
I raise my glass to all you lovely people over the pond.


paris parfait said...

Merci! Even across THIS pond! And we'll be seeing you this time next month - hooray! xoxox

william thomas ternay said...

Hello Di,
After enjoying your many comments on Paris Breakfasts, I finally checked out your website and blog.
What a "romantic" you are! Wonderful textures abound, whether on your fantastical elegant revived furniture, or in the silken pleasures shared with that big, ebony bottle of Dom Perignon. From across the pond, a tip of the bubbly to you, and your art.

rochambeau said...

Oh thank you Di. You are a Princess!


Ulla said...

Pink firecrackers to you my dear!!!!

Adult DVD said...

Good Blog

stencil helen said...

I never got the hang of lying in bed with a poached egg on my eye. Maybe I needed the pink stuff to complete the look.
Wonderful to see you at the weekend and now I have a food hangover.
The antique fair and the Laduree carraiges on your other posts look fabulous too.