Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yesterday's Ghost Furniture Shoot

ghost furniture
French Salon Chairs - the first image shows one upholstered with a Victorian Riding Jacket and Lining, Black Boudoir Pair of Chairs, Flapper Chair

I was beginning to think we would never find the right location to photograph our new Ghost Furniture pieces but The Bastle which is an ancient fortified house was absolutely 100% perfect. It was like shooting in a massive studio with all the scenery in place and ready.
These will be added to the Ghost Furniture website over the next few days.
Comments good or bad would be appreciated - thank you. Click on images for a massive view
ghost furniture
Dali Chair, Sew What Sewing Table and Wine Table
ghost furniture
Retro Chic Chair and Feet Up Stool
ghost furniture
Forbidden Fruit and Blushing Butterly Lamp
ghost furniture
D'or Chair, Chocolat Chair and Shadow Cabinet


rochambeau said...

Wow Di!!!!!!
You've been cookin'!
Your work and photos come alive with just the right 'Ghost' feeling in the Bastle.

That salon chair upholstered in the Victorian Riding Jacket is SOMETHING ELSE! The forbidden fruits very cool too. It's all great!
You've outdone yourself!
Please tell Harvey I said so too.


ParisBreakfasts said...

Very ghostesque in mood and feeling...same thing I guess..
I keep seeing it as the BASTILLE!
Oh wouldn't that be grande...I like the snooking chairs or is that snooker not canoodling chairs...

looker said...

I love very much the mix

Octavine Illustration said...

okay, this must be the coolest house ever!~ a perfect location for your beautiful furniture. lovely.

:: S I D :: said...

perfect location! "love it" and nice prop setting as well.
If you add some more candles for the ambient light, like the feet up stool shot, it looks great and alive.
But the retro chic chair shot, you might need two lights positioned to both side, which diffuses the light and eliminates glare.
They provide the main lights for the piece.
The third light, "candles" light is positioned to shine directly into the piece to illuminate the furniture.
It's a bit of effort but the dramatic results will be fantabulous!
(hope you don't mind some opinion)

Mélanie said...

I love your work and style , my dear ! I love it !
you have so much inspiration

paris parfait said...

Absolutement parfait! Definitely the right location and setting for your beautiful "Ghosts." Well done, you! xoxox

Helen-LG said...

Gorgeous shoot Di, you should be very proud. Some lovely pieces as always, you have such a good eye!