Monday, June 09, 2008

Wild China on the BBC - Takes Your Breath Away

bbc wild china
I know I am always banging on about how good the BBC is but they have gone and excelled themselves this time. On Sunday evenings BBC are showing Wild China which is an exceptional programme. Last night they showed an area of China that was only discovered in the 1970s. I was transfixed. The water in this area comes from limestone cliffs and is crystal clear. So clear in fact that you can see a submerged forest in one of the lakes. I was so transfixed that I missed what the area was called.
If you are lucky enough to be able to watch BBC RealPlayer then go here and see the programme, it's a MUST!
bbc wild china
bbc wild china
bbc wild china


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

gasp, that first picture is like paradise!

stencil helen said...

This is just beautiful.

LindaH said...

It was stunning wasn't it? The mineral lakes were quite amazing.

paris parfait said...

Absolutely stunning - of course the Beeb doesn't show these programs until well after the fact in other countries. Sigh.

irene said...

this area is called jiuzhaigou.

they filmed a scene or two in the movie, hero.

rochambeau said...


The first one takes my breath away!

nigel said...

Now screening in Australia, as well. Truly excellent and shows us there is more to China than the rapidly industrialising, crammed east coast, cities.