Friday, June 20, 2008

A Painting and Others

Une Peinture et Autres
I found this wonderful French artist via Belette etc today. This is one talented lady and her blog Une Peinture et Autres translates to A Painting and Others - I used Babel Fish, I'm not that clever.
Versatile to the extreme she crochets (look at those little mushrooms), sews beautiful little bags and paints like a dream on what looks like tiles.
She has only be writing her blog for a couple of months but there is enough eye candy to make you drool. Go on get over there.
Une Peinture et Autres
Une Peinture et Autres
Une Peinture et Autres
Une Peinture et Autres


Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

These paintings are super cute! I am heading over there now to look at more...

Alkemie said...

Hi Di,

Wonderful post. My first time checking out your blog and your store. Your store and revamped pieces are stunning - you have an incredibly gifted eye! Love your style!


ParisBreakfasts said...

What delicious paintings Di!
And Belette is wonderful too!

nunu pepe' said...

Thats amazing, really lovely blog thanks for the heads up.

belette said...

May thanks for your post. I ma so happy for her. every body must meet her.

Sorry for my scolar english.

I will come back to visit your eclectic blog. i like it very much.


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Di, you kill me. You always find the BEST stuff! And LOVE the Tracy Kendall's wallpapers too!! Thanks again!