Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Off To Krakow

This morning I am off to Krakow in Poland. It's a friend's birthday and 40 of us from the surrounding villages and hamlets are flying over there for 3 days of frivolity.
Whilst I am gone you can stay at my cottage and keep an eye on the builders. There's plenty to do.
Take a stroll down to the nearest village and you will pass beautiful meadows full of wild flowers.
Take a look at the baby alpacas that just love to have their photos taken.
Stop at the Tea Rooms, they even have a proper coffee machine and the owner bakes cakes to die for.
If you have forgotten your purse then take a drink from the gorgeous Victorian Fountain.
Take your drink over to the village green and sit a while. There's picnic tables for your use.
Cross the little bridge on the green and take a walk along the riverside.
pantone coffee mugs
Please don't forget to stoke up the builders with plenty of tea - milk and one sugar for all please.


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rochambeau said...

I adore your neck of the woods Di, you lucky girl, alpacas an all!

Yes, we'll keep our eye on the "guys" for you. We'll crank the fast music and maybe set the coffee bar right inside for them!

Have fun in Poland. We'll miss you. Will you please take some photos for us?


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Krakow?! You never cease to amaze me, Di:) From Paris to Poland!!! Next.....Palermo!

Randall said...

Would love to house sit for you! Unfortch my work won't have it. Enjoy Krakow, it's almost as charming as your home. All the best from San Francisco

Octavine Illustration said...

oh di, your cottage is simply a dream! i would housesit for you anytime and paint pictures of your beautiful furniture as well as the surrounding countryside and even the alpacas! it's like a little haven you have my dear....have an amazing time in krakow and i can't wait to see the pictures upon your return (i hope there are some of castles....!)

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

Constance is right, your neck of the woods is lovely. Have a wonderful trip!

Primrose said...

I love your Blog which I found last week. It's the tearooms that I just went aaahh! over. I would love to sit there for awhile.
Safe journey

Mélanie said...

Lucky you !!!Happy birthday to your friend ! thank you for the invitation !! I would love to stay there for sure

emma'sfamily said...

i really love your beautiful

stencil helen said...

Hope you are having a fab time and taking lots of pictures. Please pass my best wishes to the birthday boy and tell him there is talk of a school reunion in October.

Sandra Evertson said...

Have a Great time! And just Love that photo below of you as a child! You were Gorgeous even then!
Sandra Evertson

Ulla said...

How I envy that you can just slip away for a few days to Poland... It it were only so simple from here. Love armchair traveling with you ~ never boring!!!

babelfish said...

:) I would love to have stayed at your house, promised I'd look after it.