Friday, June 27, 2008

Flutter Those Lashes

viktor and rolf false eyelashes
I find these both fascinating and scary. Can one see where on is going with these Viktor & Rolf eyelashes? The ones at the bottom look as though someone has attached paper clips to their eyes.
viktor and rolf false eyelashes
viktor and rolf false eyelashes


Miss*Laurence said...

It's a bit of what i don't fancy, I'd be quite concerned with the middle pair, they look sharp!

looker said...


nel said...

They are quite unusual!

rochambeau said...

OH what a woman will in the name of beauty. A few years ago I fiddled around with some normal fake eyelashes. The glue made many of my real ones fall out. So bonne chance to all who venture into the land of fake eyelashs!


babelfish said...

They would be fabulous for a party!

sex said...
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