Wednesday, June 25, 2008

7 Things About Me - Now You Know 21 Things

Yes the one on the left is me. I think my knicker elastic must have broken.

I have been tagged by Le Petit Cabinet de Curiosites to tell you ANOTHER 7 things about me, this now makes 21. Maybe I am so old I could go on forever doing this. Here goes.

1. I cannot bear anything that is not symmetrical. I have tried to not straighten the rug in our lounge but it is beyond my capabilities. I change seats in restaurants if a picture isn't straight on the wall.

2. I was on The Kings Road in London when a car pulled up and the driver wound down his window to ask for directions. I put my head inside the window to hear what he was saying and saw he had nothing on from the waist down. I mean if your going to be flashed then it may as well happen on a posh street.

3. I don't like suspense. When I was a kid, playing hide and seek, I would stand outside the hiding place so I would be found. I couldn't even play Snap (the card game) with my kids.

4. When I was pregnant with Charlotte I suffered from hemorrhoids (ouch). After returning from a painful shopping trip I ran into the bathroom to apply Anthisan Cream (a local anesthetic) I mistakingly applied Colgate Toothpaste (much much more than ouch).

5. I am a Bottle Blonde - surprise, surprise.

6. I worked in a 5 star hotel for a summer season back in the 1960s. My friends and myself lodged on the top floor. After a night out and returning to our room I wanted to pee and the bathroom was down the hall which was patrolled by a mad chamber maid (Mad Molly). I was to scared to walk down the hall so I peed out of the window - there was a corrugated tin roof below which I knew nothing about until I heard a resounding noise, I couldn't stop as all the lights in the rooms below came on and the residents looked up . No prizes for guessing what they could see.

7. I LOVE truffles. I would do anything for the taste of truffle. I sit and dream about someone shaving a whole truffle over a plate of linguini for me. I once went to a truffle restaurant in Florence and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I ever had. I would love to be a wild boar.


Inspired Tokens said...

What a darling picture ...and the knickers make it even better.
Thanks for sharing a little of yourself ...I laughed about the guy asking for directions and the story about the Anthisan Cream ...priceless!

Thanks for sharing!

ParisBreakfasts said...

FABULOUS photo!!!
Please show us MORE!
never enough of the homey stuff

steven mcvay said...

thanks for making me laugh...especially the corrugated roof incident..and the kings rd flasher...excellent facts...

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

What a super cute photo! Those smiles are to die for...

designs by bonzie said...

im creased over laughing at your facts here! those are just awesome, your a right laugh. thanks for bringing a smile at midnight. ;)


Mélanie said...

Di, thank you for answering to my tag!
YOur picture looks fabulooouuuussss! ANd I love the 7 funny things about you , it is great to know 7 things more !

Scar said...

That picture should go in your 'beautiful picture of the day' slot :)

paris parfait said...

Love the photo - and such funny things about you! :) xo

sex said...
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