Thursday, May 08, 2008


sabina rose artist
When I design Ghost Furniture pieces I cannot always achieve the end result alone. I have to use people I trust 100 per cent to give me what I want. Sabina Rose is one of those people. This is her work, so you can see why I trust her can't you?
sabina rose artist
the stencil library
I love this little niche she helped create in a house in The South of France. This was achieved with the help of a stencil from The Stencil Library. I stole this picture from Design Inspiration the Stencil Library's blog but Helen won't mind - she is a treasure.
ghost furniture sewing table
Sabina is working on this old sewing table, for me, at the moment. She is doing a trompe l'oeil effect by painting all those items (above) scattered around the black lid of the cabinet. I trust her implicitly and believe me it takes a lot stress away from me when I can trust someone like this.
ghost furniture sewing table


Sea Angels said...

Your posts are a real treat Di, I love to visit you. I also want to thankyou for the beautiful comment you left on Ulla's blog about my work, I was so overwhelmed, it made me cry, thankyou you sweet and lovely girl
Hugs Lynn xx

ParisBreakfasts said...

She's terriffic
Does she do house calls?
Lucky you

designs by bonzie said...

Oh how I covet one of those awesome singer tables! they are so beautiful.
I'd say your house will be like an interior magazines dream by the time your finished with it.
Im enjoying watching the progress.
btw, those antique finds were fab the other day too, I also agree with leaving the paint exactly as it is! perfect decay!

babelfish said...

Fantastic work, I'd trust her too.