Thursday, May 15, 2008

Paris Shops

The entrance to Zara at Opera. This larger than life poster hits you right in the face on entering this fabulous shop.

Hermes in the 8th have created these fabulous train carriage vitrines. You get a reflection of me in this one.

On the 4th Floor of Galerie Lafayette. That glass ceiling is to die for.

Love the headboard idea here. Zara Home use a Zebra Skin Rug - how clever is that? You get a reflection of Charlotte in this one.

Shop mannequins are always stunning in Paris. No crappy wigs here.


rochambeau said...

Dear Di,
I do appreciate you taking the time to post all of these photos! I feel like I've just had a mini vacation! Or I should say that my Spy got to take photos for me. Thank you again for all you share. It's been a treat!

ParisBreakfasts said...


babelfish said...

So very stylish!