Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mind Blowing Outfit by Malene Birger

by malene birger
I find this the most stunning, stylish, sexy and all the other great things that begin with S, outfit.
By Malene Birger


ParisBreakfasts said...

I see the distinct influence of Carla Bruni's new Catholic school girl look here.
Hmmm...still waters run deep as they say
(and dirty...ahem)

Ana said...

I'm loving the long gloves and the glasses!

babelfish said...

Great photograph, love the whole look though I think that blouse would look ridiculous on me.

rochambeau said...

Love how all the styles mixed up anad blended together. Modern with still an homage to the past. I'm a big fan of opera gloves with shorter sleeves.
To add one more S, Sweet~ the bow and bell sleeves.
Thanks Di!