Thursday, May 01, 2008

Are You With Me On This?

At the end of this month the builders will start on the extension to our cottage.
Due to the fact that the cottage is so old (could be over 400 years old in fact) we are using the stone from the dry stone walls surrounding the cottage for the build.
We live in the Northumberland National Park, in which sits the Kielder Forest, so we want to use as many local materials as is possible.
We are lucky enough to be using local artisans to create an extension which is the same size as the existing cottage, that will look as though it has been here for 400 years also.
We have hugely talented decorator who can make new wood look ancient by hitting it with a chain full of bolts - worrying! He can create realistic stone from plaster and stuff he will not reveal. If I find out he will have to kill me.
Are you with me then? Will you laugh and cry with me on the way, help me clean up the mud from the excavation, make tea and coffee for the builders and make huge decisions? OK you're on.

Part of the dry stone wall that will be used and all that garden has to be excavated

Battered wooden floors and doors. A tree that will be acting as a support in the lounge

The plans - the extension sits on the right


Barb McMahon said...

I've got a bottle of wine chilling as we speak!

rochambeau said...

How exciting Di!! You and Harvey are very lucky to be the keeper of this wonderful house in a park no less!
Happy May Day friend!
May the Sun come and shine it's rays down upon you!

corine said...

Is till shudder when I think of our remodel, but I think you live far enough away that I'll be able to handle it. So, yes. I'm in!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

ooooh, Di, this is going to be so fabulous!!! Will you have a studio for the Ghost Furniture?

babelfish said...

This is so very exciting Di, I love the idea of using a tree that support the lounge, and the beautiful wood floors. Good luck with the build.

paris parfait said...

Yes, can't wait to see the finished wonder (and hear tales of the continuing saga in June)! xoxox