Friday, April 18, 2008

Teeny, Tiny Things

Ana Beatriz miniaturas
OK so you may think - why is she showing us these. Well when I tell you that they are set on a ratio of 1:7.8 inches you may understand.
This meticulous artist with even more nimble fingers has been working on her art for 20 years, conceiving her own scale to differentiate her work from regular dolls house dimensions.
Everything is created from wood, paper, clay and scrap metal.
See why I chose to show you?
By Ana Beatriz
Via Cool Hunting
Ana Beatriz miniaturas
Ana Beatriz miniaturas
Ana Beatriz miniaturas


rochambeau said...

So tres chic~ Petit. Love it!

babelfish said...

I wish I had nimble fingers, and the patience.