Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Nostalgi Fyn Denmark

Nostalgi Fyn Denmark
If you like to rummage around and find ideas and inspiration you could do worse than to visit this site - Nostalgi Fyn in Denmark. It is packed full of gorgeous nostalgic items - I think that's what Nostalgi means.
Nostalgi Fyn Denmark
Nostalgi Fyn Denmark
Nostalgi Fyn Denmark


Jan Halvarson said...

cool things!

Johanne said...

Hi. As said, cool things.
You got the translation right (I'm from denmark) and in case you didn't know, fyn is a part of the country.

I love this site for featuring things from all over the world, and whenever you find something from scandinavia, I'm like; "why didn't I find that - I live here"


Anonymous said...

Hi... Just a little comment about another shop in Denmark. If you like N.Fyn, you would also really like www.FrokenKlara.dk. That shop is filled with all kind of lovely things for house decorating, all in the beautyfull nostagic style which is typically danish/sweedish/French... Love it!!!