Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Meet The Babies

lambs in Tarset Northumberland
At last Spring has sprung and the fields around my cottage are full of new life. I have tried to capture pictures of the baby lambs and calves but gave up and got these from young Zak Varty our friend's son who is a much better photographer than I. They are the same lambs but looking a lot better thanks to Zak.
lambs in Tarset Northumberland
calf in Tarset Northumberland
lambs in Tarset Northumberland
lambs in Tarset Northumberland


corine said...

You live in such Idyllic settings. I want some lambs in my backyard too!

Enzie Shahmiri said...

That baby cow is too cute! You are fortunate to have live stock around you.

Every year these two ducks come to our pool and swim around. If they are not scared away by my hubby and our dog, they tend to return to my delight with their little chicks. One year the kids swam in the pool with 12 baby chicks and a very attentive duck mom. We have it now on video and tons of photos!