Thursday, April 03, 2008

Losing Your Inhibitions to a Camera

di overton
Try this it's brilliant.
I decided today that I needed a new picture of myself on the sidebar so after applying the old slap to the face I did a whole load of pictures of myself. It was hard at first as you feel a bit of an idiot smiling at yourself but after a while it became enjoyable.
I have little or no inhibitions in the company of others but by myself I tend not to let go. Losing my inhibitions in private this morning was so theraputic I would recommend it to everyone.
By the way it's not hot here I had my nightie on.


Anonymous said...

Lovely smile! And blog! You have the same taste in clothes as me I think. Just wonder if you know where to buy a nice, classic and simple nightie in silk that goes below the knee(not so sexy anymore)in pale, sophisticated colours, thin over shoulders like yours. If you know any internet shop it would make my day! If you don't, I think no one else does either.(Sorry if my English isn't that good). Lives in Sweden, have a daughter in New York, if that's any help? Grateful for an answer, Christina

Di Overton said...

Here's some links that will maybe have what you want
The one I am wearing was from the white company but I bought it a couple of years ago.
Happy Shopping

Unknown said...

You look great Di! :-)

Anonymous said...

Me again,thank you so much for bothering! As I said before, I love your blog. You always find funny, beautiful and interesting design. Thanks again!
Hug, Christina

paris parfait said...

Di, you look gorgeous and happy and funny and pensive - all the wonderful bits that make you YOU! xoxox

Enzie Shahmiri said...

LOL ~ Di, love your sense of humor!

I woke up with a swollen right hand ~ sort of the claw ~ very Frankenstein-ish!

My wrist has been hurting like crazy, so I wrapped it up, I guess a bit too tight... Would have rather looked smashing like you!

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful DI, I would say forever 21 :)

My Castle in Spain said...

super ! i'm sure you must have some fun and it shows..You're absolutely gorgeous and radiant!

blah said...

I thought you had a new picture Di, very fresh and fun! Love the nightie comment :-)

Parisbreakfasts said...

You are soooooo photogenic!
I am hugely jealous
Aimply love yr new avatar!
HUMPH and I thought it was snowing there...

rochambeau said...

Love these photos. You're a pretty girl. The one you choose for the side bar is wonderful. You had a lot of good ones to choose from thought!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I agree with Constance, you ARE a pretty girl. What a smile!! Love your new photos.
xo Lidy

- Susan - said...

Hi Di,
this is a funny excercise and a great result! You look fantatic, (and so young when you smile). I just was about to recommend to use one of these pics instead of the serious looking one... but I realised this was all about the sidebar photo. Congratulations!

Mélanie said...

OHHHH Di ! you loof fantastic ! happy and it seems you had fun