Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Wish I'd Thought of This

knitted chair and table by lauren porter
I am just stunned at these knitted pieces. Take a really close look and see the work involved. I am gob smacked as we English tend to say. By a clever girl called Lauren Porter
knitted toilet and washbasin by lauren porter


jaime said...

di - send me the scan from singapore - info ~at~ :)

these knitted pieces are adorable, but a little weird!

bingeonlife said...

wow,its really cool,i was checking out blogs as i have started one, anything creative just makes me happy and inspired i loved your blog,keep up the inspirational work

SimplyGrove said...

Love your blog!!!! Just found it!! great inspiration!!

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear Di - what's one to say!!?

Love it - tho what does one do? with these? I know - they're art but my initial thought was - I wonder if the knitting will sag when someone sits int eh chair for a while - but now I realise - its not really for sitting in!!!

HA! :-)

babelfish said...

Amazing work, I wonder how long it must take to complete a piece.