Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I Acknowledge Therefore I Am

From The David Report – I Shop Therefore I Am. Studies show that in a hundred years we will consume eight times as much per capita as today. Can our globe take such a strain?

From The Di Report – I Acknowledge Therefore I Am

I acknowledge that people like to acquire stuff but that stuff does not have to be produced from scratch. I like to take the old and turn it into the new without using precious resources.

I acknowledge that the economies of countries around the world need to produce to survive but why not produce by re-cycling what we already have whenever possible. Great advances in technology are showing that this can be done.

I acknowledge that I can be a bit of a hypocrite and that I sometimes promote products on this site that may not adhere to these principles but I do only show the truly innovative products that I think deserve a mention. I am no eco-warrior just someone that acknowledges the problem.

I acknowledge that we cannot live in the past and have to move forward but can see that way forward being a route taken with a conscience where innovation will not be lost.

I acknowledge that I have been there and done that and it isn't all it's cracked up to be. I had BMWs and Jeep Cherokees that just ate far more fuel than the Citreon Berligo I drive now. I can now get from the North of England to Paris on 1 tank of fuel. I had an enormous house that cost a small fortune to run and only used a small part of it. I had designer clothes and designer gadgets galore for my home. None of this made me happy. I had to work my ass off to acquire them and missed out on a lot of my children's childhoods.

I acknowledge that shopping often works as a substitute for something that we´re missing in life. Believe me when I say that the view from my window is worth a hundred Armani outfits.

I acknowledge that my new life in the country is a much better one than the old one I had in the city. I burned out and believe me you don't want to go there. I now wake up to the sound of silence and that is the best luxury I have ever acquired.

I acknowledge that there is no after life and what will remain of me should be lessons learned and passed on to future generations.

I acknowledge that my contribution is a tiny one but like Bob Dylan once said – Then onward in my journey I come to understand that every hair is numbered like every grain of sand.


Anonymous said...

I shop therefor I am a shop-a-holic!
Trying very hard nowadays to stop this bad habit.

Nice post!

blah said...

Ooo Di - I think this book has struck a chord with you? That's quite a response you've posted here :-) and good food for thought

Parisbreakfasts said...

I agree..I agree
I'd love to see that view out your window...
A few bird songs thrown in would be nice also...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Di. It's rewarding to become older and wiser :)

Anonymous said...

Wise sentiments, I love every single paragraph and strive to achieve the issues raised. So glad you're at a happy place in your life.

Ulla said...

Truly wonderful post Di! I am totally in sync with you... Food for thought and food for the heart!

paris parfait said...

I agree with you completely, Di. xo