Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I Am One Proud Grandmother

I mentioned yesterday that I was away with Georgia, my grand daughter, at a recording session. Well she blew us all away by producing this in under half an hour.
This is her version of Bridge Over Troubled Water which she is singing next Thursday in the talent contest she entered.
Please take a moment to listen and make my day.


Laura Anne Marsden said...

Wow! you should be very proud! Good luck to Georgia in the contest - though I'm sure she won't need it!!

paris parfait said...

What an extraordinarily talented girl! A truly beautiful voice - she is going far. Yes, you should be a very proud grandmother! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely, clear voice. Can't wait to have grandchildren.. But will they be talented?

kenju said...

Lovely! The voice and the girl. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Totally fabulous! Loved listening to her sing!

Bonzie Designs said...

Your grandaughter gave me goosebumps listening to her sing, it was absolutely beautiful! She hits some really powerful notes and holds them too! wish her the very best of luck, Im glad to hear that she is getting herself out there, she needs to be talent spotted, absolutely wonderful.
What a cool gift to give her too, recording her own song, that was an awesome idea.
fingers crossed accross the pond.

Anonymous said...

Voice of an angel, good luck to Georgia (she is amazing)!