Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Away Day - Take a Walk Around My Cottage

I am off to the big city - Newcastle - today to take my grandaughter Georgia to make a record. We bought her a recording session for her 15th birthday and she is going to record the song she is singing in the semi finals of the talent contest she entered.
I am leaving you with a guided tour of the area around my cottage. Put your wellies on and ENJOY! Pop into the cottage for a cuppa when you have finished, Harvey is in.
the tyne valley northumberland
Our little hamlet, my cottage is the second building on the left with the 3 windows.
the tyne valley northumberland
Just along the lane from our cottage we have access to the River Tyne and all the little streams that lead from it. Moss abounds around these places.
the tyne valley northumberland
The wonderful River Tyne that winds its way down to Newcastle upon Tyne and out into the North Sea.
the tyne valley northumberland
A kindly farmer has created this seat carved into a tree trunk. This sits by the river so you can rest and take in the view.
the tyne valley northumberland
Its lambing time so all the rams are kept well away from the women. They are not happy as you can see from the expression on this one's face.
the tyne valley northumberland
Approaching the hamlet from the other side I notice the horses still have their coats on.
the tyne valley northumberland
This silver birch has the whitest trunk I have ever seen. It stands outside the farmhouse and I swear I haven't tried to turn it into a piece of Ghost Furniture.
the tyne valley northumberland
An ancient bastle that belongs to the farm. These buildings were named after the French Bastilles and were fortified to keep out marauding Scots. The walls of this one are 4 feet thick.
the tyne valley northumberland
Down the hill from my cottage sits this beautiful unused railway bridge. I love that it is covered in grass. The house on the left of it is for sale. It was originally 2 railway cottages that are now one house. It needs a lot of work but it has a hoard of people bidding against each other to get it. Here take a look.


Peggasus said...

WOW! It's all so beautiful, and you take gorgeous pictures. I especially love the bench carved into the tree.

crabapple said...

Wow! You live in such a lovely peaceful place.Exactly my fantasy of an English village, especially if there is a pub (which I think you have mentioned there is).

paris parfait said...

It is all so beautiful! And Georgia recording her song! Such excitement! Can't wait to hear - I know she's going to knock 'em dead in that talent contest! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Your cottage and surroundings is heavenly, and the house for sale...fabulous!