Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Seeing My Life Through Art by Stephanie Buhler

art by stephanie buhler
Stephanie Buhlers work resonates with me. The piece in the top picture is so like the forest that surround our cottage, the piece in the bottom picture - named Sunday Afternoon looks like Harvey and I do on a Sunday afternoon when we come home from the pub and the piece in the middle picture is like so many paths that lead from our hamlet.
art by stephanie buhler
art by stephanie buhler


rochambeau said...

It's nice to know that you and Harvey go to the pub on Sunday. Many Sundays Pete and I go to a place that is very much like a pub too. FYI you don't look like that lady!!!!

Stencil Helen said...

No, I'm sorry but that does not look like you!

paris parfait said...

You are hilarious - that doesn't look like you and Harvey! But I can see the rest of it. xo