Monday, March 03, 2008

New at Rockett St George

judy holme block wallpaper
Love these new products at Rockett St George. The Embroidered and Sequined Apron is only an amazing £11 and the top picture is a Wallpaper by Judy Holme
london kills me cushion
embroidered and sequined apron
embroidered and sequined apron

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paris parfait said...

Such lovely things - but that apron would last five minutes in our kitchen, if the very messy chef were anywhere near it. He has yet to understand that you don't wipe your hands on the nearest piece of cloth, but there are specific ones for specific purposees. Speaking of "specific," I was dealing with a rather clueless bank manager in Savannah last week (by phone) and she kept using the word "pacific" and "pacificially" rather than "specific." I wanted to scream! Especially since they've lost a big money transfer to Jordana. Sigh. xo