Thursday, March 13, 2008

Flower People

art by elista
Elista put a comment on my blog the other day and when I visited her blog and then her Flickr pages I was totally blown away.
This is just one example of her work. Flower People have always conjured up images of the 60s when we used to paint flowers on each others bodies and wear masses of strings of love beads - these put a whole new angle on it for me now.
YOU MUST go and see her felt work, paper sculptures and numerous other stuff!!!!
art by elista
art by elista
art by elista


beachgrl said...

Elsita does beautiful sculptures, paper cutting, drawings,dolls for sure. The best thing about Elsita's blog is what Elsita has to say about her work and what inpires her work. I was drawn in the first time I visited her blog and had to read the entire blog from start to finish. She is truly inspiring!

Anonymous said...

These are fun. Think I'll try this with my God children. Thanks for the idea!


Curly Girl Glass said...


Anonymous said...

those are amazing flower creations.