Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Treats From Me To You

Fabulous Easter Flowers from Herve Gambes
herve gambs flowers
Laduree do Easter in Colour
laduree easter
Felt Rabbit for keeping your food warm from Rose and Radish - if you love it it's in the Easter Sale
rose and radish felt rabbit
Beautiful nest of handmade eggs from Zanz in Norway
handmade eggs in a basket zanz norway
Jean Paul Hevin has created this amazing Arty Compression Egg. It would be a shame to eat it.
hand painted eggs from hungary
Delicately detailed, hand painted eggs from Hungary


Alice Regan said...

Wonderful delights. Thanks for giving my a delicious Easter fix.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Di!

Sea Angels said...

Hello Di, well you are a new delight for me, what an inspiring and colourful blog you have, how clever you are, what a wonderful discovery, you have brightened my Easter.
Hugs Lynn xx

paris parfait said...

Delicious! Thank you. Happy Easter to you and Harvey. Looking forward to seeing you here next month! And don't forget to bring your van, as you're taking things home with you. :) xoxox

Mélanie said...

Wonderful , deicious ! Lovely !
Joyeuses paques ,Di!

Tinsie said...

Beautiful Easter photos! Those Hungarian eggs in particular are exquisite!

Ilva said...

Happy Easter Di!

Unknown said...

oh my, those hungarian eggs are amazing. and those orchids absolutely gorgeous. i love the seafoam and just exudes spring. have a lovely weekend, di....

Anonymous said...

Oh,I say, incredible treasures!! I'll take 4 of each ;) marvelous!!

rochambeau said...

I'm late Di,
BUT!! Happy Spring to you and Harvey. Hope your Easter was fun! One of your posts inspired me, so I mentioned your beautiful blog a few days back. Now it's off to see the knickers below.