Friday, February 29, 2008

Wonderful British Almshouses

almshouses britain
If you are ever touring the British countryside and see a group of cottages usually set around a beautiful garden they will be Almshouses - it is charitable housing provided to enable people (typically the elderly who can no longer work to earn enough to pay rent).
The first recorded Almshouse was founded by King Athelstan in York in the 10th century AD. The oldest charity still in existence is thought to be the Hospital of St. Oswald in Worcester, founded circa 990.
Nowadays these fabulous buildings are run by charities but many were originally built by kindly rich people.
To this day I have never met anyone who lives in one so I could go and have a peek inside.
I love them.
almshouses britain
almshouses britain
almshouses britain
almshouses britain


Deb @ Beholder's Eye said...

There's a beautiful example in Bournville just up the road from us. I'll try and get a pic next time I'm passing. Bournville's pretty stunning in it's entirety, maybe I should post about it.

paola said...

I love almshouses too and have always wanted to live in one. Did the people who were living off charity realise that they were living in such cool architecture? Best use of almshouses is of course the Geffrye Museum which I MISS.

babelfish said...

I'd like a peek inside too.

Peter said...

Sir Wm Turner's Almshouses near Redcar N.Yorks., date only from 1676 - 330 years ago and are a real 'Georgian Gem'. Visit to have a peek inside.

The entire building was extensively restored 5 years ago; the exterior to its original 17th cent., glory and the interiors to modern 21st cent., flats and cottages.

Peter said...

Ooops! That url for Sir William Turner's Almshouses should have a 'g' in the middle -

paris parfait said...

Great photos of the Almshouses. When we lived in Blackheath, there was a row of them and I was dying to have a peek, but didn't know anyone to ask. xo