Monday, February 11, 2008

Owning A Fortified House

gateshouse cottage tarset
I am fortunate enough to live in an area of the UK that is full of ancient history. This fabulous building you see here is a Bastle, a fortified house that was built to keep out the Scots who came over the Borders and stole livestock. Having said that the Northumbrians did the same. There would not have been steps up to the door originally as the farmer and his family would climb up a ladder to enter and then drag the ladder in.
Some friends of ours own this amazing Bastle not far from our cottage. It is Listed Building so they are the custodians of this piece of fascinating history. Colin& Mark have created a website - Gatehouse Cottage - that has all sorts of fascinating information and gorgeous pictures about their home, its history and the surrounding area. Sorry it's not to rent.
gateshouse cottage tarset
gateshouse cottage tarset


crabapple said...

That is so cool...I have been reading some historical fiction/romance by Anya Seton, and she often mentions the "wilds" of Northumberland, and the even wilder border lords from the area. Being an American I find it all very fascinating, especially since we don't have many older buildings of our own. Thanks for the pictures.

paris parfait said...

Wow! Are they ever lucky! Thanks for the link. xo

Vancouver realtor said...

That could be an amazing experience to live in one of that kind of building and feel as you are the part of its history. People have several images in their mind about their dream home and frequently they prefer old houses with history even if it brings more problems. With that kind of sentimentalism I`ve met many times as being a Vancouver real estate agent and an obsessed visitor of historic buildings.