Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Moveable Feast by Ronit Baranga

Ronit Baranga dining in 2015 at designboom
Designboom held a competition called Dining in 2015 and I just love the design that Ronit Baranga from Israel entered.
Ronit Baranga dining in 2015 at designboom


karey m. said...

i. am. speechless.

beautiful blog. beautiful art.

may i copy the whole thing and just put my name up top? this is perfection.

must go drool about your site more...

corine said...

Yes, that is indeed eclectic taste you have here!

(I have to laugh at the other comment: that's precisely how I felt when I first discovered your blog : ))

Queenie said...

Corine & karey, are so right. I get withdrawal symptoms, when I can't get to your blog.
These made me go all fingers and thumbs!