Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Metal at Paris Hotel Boutique

metal furniture at paris hotel boutique
I love browsing around Paris Hotel Boutique, there's so much I would just love to buy. The fact that it's in the States helps me to not spend. Take a look at these fabulous pieces of metal furniture - so elegant and that frivolous Birdcage is just stunning - look at the detailing.
metal birdcage at paris hotel boutique
metal furniture at paris hotel boutique


Kelly said...

that mirrored dresser is my dream dresser. it's lovely!

Stencil Helen said...

But Di, You will be able to paint Ghost Furniture to look just like metal, you have the skill and if I can remember how to do it I will share my pewter effect paint recipe.

paris parfait said...

LOVE the birdcage! xo